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Bouteille Criste marine.



The Distillerie du Cap Ferret is an entire part of the Hotel de la Plage, built in 1860 in the famous peninsula of Cap Ferret, in the south of Bordeaux. It makes a large range of innovative, creative, and organic liquors which will inspire cocktail makers.These liquors are handcrafted in Cap Ferret from selected ingredients. Just like the place, they combine elegance and freshness.

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The distillery


These liquors are elaborated by maceration and distillation of selected organic plants and fruits. The purpose of these methods is the most efficient extraction of aromas, to confer to them precision and roundness.

Hôtel facade.

Liquors from Cap Ferret

The design of our liqueurs begins with a selection of the raw material. Fruits and plants are selected to ensure precision in flavor during development. We proceed to a maceration to extract their flavors from the products. Depending on the basic element, the liqueurs are bottled directly after maceration or distilled before bottling in order to obtain their highest aromatic potential. After tasting, the liqueurs are measured in sugar, then bottled on the Cap Ferret peninsula.

Hôtel Process.
Hôtel facade.
Hôtel facade.
Hôtel facade.

Our products

The Range

Liqueur menthe.


Liqueur de menthe

Bouteille menthe.

Very fresh and structured liquor. Precise and pronounced mint flavours.

Liqueur Criste marine.


Liqueur de Criste marine

Bouteille Criste marine.

Fresh liquor with cinnamon flavours. Quickly after iodized notes come green notes and well balanced acidity.

Liqueur citron.


Liqueur de citron

Bouteille citron.

Pronounced flavours of lemon peel. The citrus acidity confere it a lively structure.

Liqueur café.


Liqueur de café

Bouteille café.

Round with a pronounced flavour. Delicate toasted notes with vanilla taste at the end. The bitterness of coffee gives the structure.

Liqueur pin.


Liqueur de pin

Bouteille pin.

Great freshness, combined with smoothness. Very pronounced pine flavours. Sweetness of plant comes to balance the freshness.

Liqueur orange.


Liqueur d'orange

Bouteille orange.

Delicate bitterness with pronounced notes of orange peel. Dynamic in the mouth, the bitterness is well-balanced by the fruit, giving to this liquor a great roundness.

Liqueur arbousier.


Liqueur d'arbouse

Bouteille arbousier.

Very refreshing and structured liquor. Precise and very present minty flavors.

Liqueur cèdre.


Liqueur de cèdre

Bouteille cèdre.

Fresh, green and round. Long in the mouth, with progressive structure

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Bouteille liqueur orange.

Spritz du Bassin

Ingredients :
- 2cl of Liqueur d’Orange Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- 3cl of Crémant de Bordeaux
- Angostura bitter
- Sparkling water Abatilles
- A slice of orange
- Ice cubes

Methods :
Directly in a large glass (wine or gin), pour the crémant with few drops of Angostura Bitter. Add the orange liquor, complete with the sparkling water and blend with a spoon. To finish, add the orange slice.

Bouteille liqueur criste.

Mimbeau Criste

Ingredients :
- 6cl of Liqueur de Criste Marine Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- Piece of green lemon
- Grated lemon zest
- Crushed ice

Methods :
In an Old Fashioned half-filled with crushed ice, pour directly the Criste Marine Liquor. Add the grated lemon zest and the piece of green lemon on the top just before serving.

Bouteille liqueur pin.

Gin Tonic de Chez Magne

Ingredients :
- 2cl of Liqueur de Pin Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- 4cl of Blurry Moon Gin
- Handcrafted tonic
- Strawberry
- Ice cubes

Methods :
Directly in a gin glass with ice cubes, pour first the pine liquor, then the gin. Complete with tonic and finally add a strawberry.

Bouteille liqueur citron.

Limoncello from the Cap

Ingredients :
- Liqueur de Citron Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- ...and only lemon liqueur

Methods :
Serve very very fresh the Lemon liquor in a small liquor glass.
Taste at the end of the meal.

Bouteille liqueur café.

White Kapien

Ingredients :
- 4cl of Liqueur de Café Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- 6cl of vodka
- Ice cubes

Methods :
Directly in an old fashion glass with ice cubes, pour the coffee liquor, then the vodka. Blend and serve.

Bouteille liqueur menthe.

Une Pointe de menthe

Ingredients :
- Liqueur de Menthe Distillerie du Cap Ferrett
- Sparkling water Abatilles
- Ice cubes

Methods :
In a long Drink glass, pour directly the liquor on the rocks. Complete with sparkling water.
To be dosed as desired : tasty or refreshing.

Bouteille liqueur cèdre.

Cèdre Royal

Ingredients :
- 4cl of Liqueur de Cèdre Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- Brut Champagne
- Sugar cane syrup
- Ice cubes

Methods :
In a Champagne glass, pour the cèdre liquor on ice cubes, then add the lemon juice. Complete with brut Champagne, and adapt the taste with sugar syrup.

Bouteille liqueur arbouse.

The 4.44

Ingredients :
- 4cl of Liqueur d’Arbouse Distillerie du Cap Ferret
- 4cl of rosé wine
- 4 Lychees
- Possibly blackcurrant cream
- Ice cubes

Methods :
In a Gin glass, pour directly the liquor on the glass, then add the rosé. If necessary, balance the sweet with blackcurrant cream. Add the lychees and serve.